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Income Properties in Marin & Sonoma Counties

The critical variables with Investments in Residential Real Estate are:

  • Cash Flow should be positive or neutral using rents minus expenses projections. 
  • Security by investing in the housing stock is very high, with an overall shortage of homes. 
  • Leverage is 25% down with a quick and easy loan to realize 100% of the appreciation.
  • Risk is reduced with diversity and number of units owned; better a duplex than a single-family house. 
  • ROI is not about curb appeal nor pride of ownership; instead, it’s in market rents attainable. 
  • Liquidity is the ability to sell residential properties simply and quickly without too high a cost.
  • Trends show an ongoing shortage of homes in the SF Bay Area with higher rents and sales prices.
  • Tax benefits of real estate investments are unique, and the gains can be exchanged.
  • Property Condition determines a fixer/flipper, a renovation project, or a renter-ready home. 


Broker Bernie will explore these variables for specific properties in Marin and Sonoma Counties. 

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