Working with Bernie is fantastic. We have bought two homes with him over the past four years and sold one recently. Bernie is easy to work with and makes the real estate process as smooth and convenient as possible. Best of all, he understands the energy-environment nexus as a hard to describe feature of the homes and neighborhoods in which we were interested. I found that Bernie had an excellent understanding of what we wanted and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the North Bay. — Michael and Rachel

Words cannot truly express how grateful we are to have Bernie. He helped us for several months to find the right home, ultimately the perfect place for us. He is very experienced and knows Marin like the back of his hand. He is highly knowledgeable about the real-estate business, and we learned a lot from him. — Robert and Angela

Bernie has endless patience in looking for property. He just never gives up! He knows his territory not just from multiple listings but also from his many local and community connections. Bernie's a shrewd and sure negotiator, listens to and respects clients' wishes, and follows up with hands-on help and advice long after the deal is closed. — Geoff and Mary

The level of support we got from Bernie was hard to believe. We were in the market for an eco-village type of vision. For anything that included an environmental component, we found Bernie's sensitivity to those aspects helpful in finding possibilities that considered many variables while saving us time. Beyond the search process, when it came to due diligence before closing and lots of nuts and bolts things, Bernie showed up in a way that I think few others would. I would recommend him any day. — Tao S.

Wow! We've worked with many real estate agents over the years, and few have the expertise and patience that Bernie brings to the equation. He's helped several of our clients, and even one of our staff used him for their new home purchase. He's thorough and professional and has the client's best interest at heart. Two thumbs up! — Alex S.

Over the years, I've purchased about ten properties, some to live in and others to hold as investments. I've been lucky enough to work with several skilled realtors. But Bernie is in a class by himself. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, supportive, hard-working, and honest.

Buying property is--for me--always stressful. A mistake can be costly. Bernie understands this, and he goes out of his way to reduce the uncertainty as much as possible. He also has a sharp eye for saving his clients money. For example, on the deal that we're currently close to completing, he showed me how to avoid a $700 fee that I had routinely paid when working with other realtors. Bernie did more than say, "Don't pay it." He explained why I shouldn't, and his explanation made sense.
He is a real details-oriented professional. For example, he spent extra time finding the right person to inspect the townhouse I was buying. This inspector turned out to be highly skilled in assessing the property and making sure I understood the observations he made.

Buying real estate is not on my list of entertaining things to do. But I have to say that Bernie has made the activity exciting and pleasant. Whether or not we close on the current deal, it will have been worth my time because I learned a great deal and engaged in many fascinating conversations.

P.S. The deal did close. Everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Bernie. — Murray S.


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